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Chamomile Citrus

Heavenly - Pure relaxation
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile
"This is the best citrusy chamomille tea I have ever tried. From the time you open the foil, the aroma entices and the tea and floral components present beautifully. But nothing compares to the taste that relaxes you to your toes. At the end of the day, I drink to let my stress drip away."

Chamomile Heaven
Pros: High Quality, Smooth Body
"This is the best tasting chamomile tea I have ever had - and I drink it almost all the time. The flavors in this are intense but not too strong and the citrus adds the right amount of additional zing without being overpowering. A cup of this during a break from a stressful moment or right before bed makes everything a bit better. I won't drink any other chamomile now!!
And who doesn't love the tea pouches??? They make drinking the tea a tiny bit more enjoyable because they are just so lovely.

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Green Tea Tropical

Wonderful Refreshing Tea
Pros: Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile
"At first I was skeptical about fruity green tea blend, thought it might overpower the flavor of green tea itself, turns out this tea is simply great! Perfect blend, wonderful aroma and mild taste, I fell in love with this tea from the first sip. You've got to try it!"

Great Tea
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile
"The product is all that was expected. I tasted the tea while on a business meeting. I was hoping the tea made at home would be all that I remembered while on my business trip. I am very pleased with the tea!!!"

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Abaca Tea Box

Best Present Ever
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile
"I purchased the Abaca Green Box of teas for two friends as Happy Birthday Gifts! They both thanked me profusely and said they absolutely loved the wonderful selection of delicious tasting teas and each said that it was their favorite gift!"

Excellent Choice
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, High Quality, great presentation, variety
"I sent this to my sister for a holiday gift (she is an avid tea drinker) and she loved it! With many different family members staying with her over the holiday, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, the wonderful MIghty Leaf quality was appreciated by all :-)
Would definitely recommend as a gift or just to keep at home for those cold winter mornings.

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Organic African Nectar

African Nectar Evokes Africa's Spicy Sensuality
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, one of a kind
"We have been captivated by African Nectar since our first encounter. Initially, by the beauty of its silken pouches--they seemed too luxuriant to be affordable. Next by its incredible aroma, which recalled childhood memories of African evenings fragrant with mimosa and frangipani.
Finally, we savored its spicy yet comforting brew and knew that this tea would become a healthful lifelong addiction.

Best Tea I've Ever Had
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch
"I like tea and just can never find the one that tastes just right, until I tried the African Nector. It has a light natural fruity flavor that is just perfect. This is a tea that I can even use without any sweetners.
Thanks Mighty Leaf.

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Organic Breakfast

Best Tea In The World
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch
"These are the best english breakfast tea bags I have ever used, and very reasonably priced esp in the 100 pack box. The bag contains actual tea leaves, instead of the usual powder in other teabags, and the taste is strong and fragrant. The package is also great, the foil is sealed tight, compared to other teabags that are sometimes just wrapped with paper (and not sealed). Highly recommend mighty leaf english breakfast teabags in 100 ct."

A Reason To Get Up In The Morning
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile
"It is the second time with the snooze alarm. What makes me rise? It isn't that I need to get ready for work. It is to have a few quiet minutes with my husband, cats, and my cup of Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast Tea.
This tea is a bonding agent for some quiet time before the business of the day overwhelms.
Not having Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast tea with dawn is like trying to have New Year's without champagne. Halloween without a pumpkin. Valentines' without chocolate. It is what makes things complete.

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Organic Earl Grey

Best Earl Grey
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch
"I do not like Earl Grey tea....I should say, I never liked Earl Gray tea until I tried Mighty Leaf's Earl Gray by accident. I thought I was brewing a cup of English Breakfast and took the Earl Gray by mistake and was so pleasantly surprised! I can only imagine what someone who loves Earl Grey will think. This is one of my new favorites, 5 leaves easy. Smooth flavor, tastes very nice with cream and sugar or all alone."

The Earl That Would Be King
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, peak of it's class
"Since I began drinking tea as a youngster, I have never been disappointed to have a cup of Earl Grey and I always make sure it's stocked in my cupboard.
Can you imagine my delight then to have discovered this Swedish Chocolatier of Earl Grey teas? The aroma is gentle as it wafts from my mug to my nasal cavity which is just foreplay to the delectable dance it then performs on my palate. Smooth over tones of a bergamot that hints at having been grown next to a citrus orchard. Such a soft and tantalizing beverage I wish I had made a whole pot!

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Marrakesh Mint

Enjoy Your Health Benefits From Green Tea
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch
"Combine the health benefits of green tea with a taste that will leave you refreshed and satisfied. The mint is not overwhelming and provides just a reminder of mint tea from places like Morocco and Turkey - you can add sugar to taste, but personally I don't feel that the tea needs sweetening. Its about the only green tea that I can face on a regular basis and enjoy. I have recommended it to others and would also add that it seems to really help those on a diet in keeping the blood sugar levels reasonably level and the hunger pangs under control!"

Real Pleasure
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, High Quality
"My acupuncturist recommended that i have an herbal tea in the evening instead of wine. This is a treat and has enabled me to reduce my wine intake."

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Orange Dulce

Seven Course Meal
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, pouch stitched with care
"My brother and I were in the midst of a three week 11,000 mile motorcycle ride around the country, including a bit of Canada. We stayed at a 4-star hotel in Quebec City that had a 4-star restaurant attached. Being bone-tired from averaging about 500 miles a day riding, we decided to go for it, their special seven course meal that included four different wines to complement the various courses. But the real treat came at the very end. Neither my brother nor I are coffee drinkers, but we do enjoy a good cup of tea and that turned out to be your Orange Dulce. They had other choices, but we decided to try that one and we both have been ordering your tea online ever since!"

I Love This Tea
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality
"Drinking this tea makes me feel good. I love the wonderful flavor and aroma."

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Organic Spring Jasmine

An Exotic Journey In A Cup Of Tea
Pros: Great Aroma
"Slipped from the wrapper, the tea bag is filled with inviting and mysterious flowerbuds and tea leaves. With the first kiss of hot water, the tea releases it's soothing and tranquil scent of sweet jasmine and perfectly dried green tea. As the aroma of a tropical jungle waifts past your nose, you travel back to a time when making tea was part of a ceremony, and appreciating fine tea was an art. The flavor is lighter than it's scent, presenting a crisp, clear green tea flavor with hints of fruitiness and sweet jasmine. This is as close as you can get to embarking on an exotic journey with a simple cup of tea."

Perfect Tea
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality
"I have purchased this tea on an impulse at one of our local supermarkets, and now I'm happily hooked on ML teas! Green tea jasmine has been one of my favorites for many years now, and ML created a perfectly balanced blend of flavorful green tea and intoxicating aroma of jasmine flower. Love it!"

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White Orchad

Great White Tea
Pros: Great Aroma, Smooth Body
"If you haven't had white tea before, this is a wonderful place to start. White tea typically has a milder flavor than green teas, but the flavor becomes much more subtle and evocative. The pure white tea combined with the hint of peach create a wonderful aroma and an even better flavor. I enjoy this tea in the afternoon, especially on rainy or gloomy days."

Wonderful Tea
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, High Quality
"This is the best green tea variety I have ever tasted. It is very smooth and not at all bitter. The unique pouch is very convenient and ideal for steeping, containing all of the leaves. It's a little more expensive than regular tea, but well worth the price. I re-use two old bags to make another cup - it's as good as using one new bag. I'll be ordering more."

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Vanilla Bean

Imaginary Voyages & Liquid Wisdom In A Single Coup
Pros: Great Aroma, High Quality, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile, Easy-to-use Tea Pouch
"Generally speaking, I tend to shy away from black teas over all other types of tea because I have found through research the leaves in black tea are the most oxidized and processed among all varieties of tea, and I prefer that my tea has as minimal initial processing as possible so I can take in as much catechins and natural minerals in the leaves as possible.
However, when I saw Mighty Leaf's Vanilla Bean variety on a local grocer shelf, I was tempted, and decided "You only live once!" and purchased a fifteen-count box. And how delighted I was that I took a chance on this tea! =)
Beyond the dreamy, almost chimerical aroma of Madagascar vanilla that I found impossible not to smile inhaling, that reminded me of my younger days in my grandmother's kitchen baking sugar cookies during the holiday season, the taste itself lived up to its aroma, which I've found in general the taste of flavorful teas don't match up to their scents. This tea is earnestly graced with flavor all around, and tastes like a dessert tea all in itself even if you choose not to add a sweetener to it! And just as importantly, the Ceylon flavors alone don't come across as either overly bitter or chemical-esque like I've detected with many other black teas, and makes for a comforting sip that's as close to gossamer to the tongue as about any other black tea I've ever tasted.
If you're skeptical of black teas in the most part like I am, mark my words: you will NOT be disappointed with this heavenly heaping!

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Ginger Twist

Very Yummy Tea
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile
"I love this tea. I tried it while visiting my sister this year and really enjoyed it, as did my 7 year old son. I couldn't find it in the store but was glad to find it online. We've already polished off one box and are on to our next one! Soothing and satisfying flavor, especially with a bit of honey."

Simply Perfect
Pros: Easy-to-use Tea Pouch, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile, perfect on it's own
"Ginger Twist is something I wasn't sure of at first, I didn't think I would like it. And for me, it took a couple of cups to figure out that I loved it so much... I kept putting sugar in it! But it is PERFECT all by it's little self! It has such a balmy effect on me. The lemongrass relaxes me, and the other flavors come together in a delicious, soft body. It's definitely one to try, because you'll get hooked. Don't add anything to this delicious tea!!!"

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Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Tea skapades med syftet återuppväcka traditionen att dricka te, göra den lättillgänglig för dagens moderna människor genom att erbjuda och utveckla teprodukter, banbrytande beträffande kvalitet och innovation.

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