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Benefits of Tea
Health Benefits of Tea, by Chas Kroll ITMA Excecutive Director International Temasters Association,

Chai Tea History and Traditions
Chai tea comes from the Indian subcontinent where "chai" is simply the generic term for "tea". There is nothing generic, though, about chai tea. Chai tea layers spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorns and cloves over a black tea like Assam.

Chinese Tea
Learn about Chinese tea, including black tea, green tea, the Chinese tea set, and the famous oolong tea.

Darjeeling: The Queen of Indian Teas
Learn all about Darjeeling tea, a prized Indian tea. Read on for more information on this black tea and chai tea.

High Tea vs Afternoon Tea
Many people use the terms “high tea” and “afternoon tea” interchangeably, but in fact they are two different occasions. These tips discuss the origination of afternoon tea and the differences between it and high tea, along with the traditional elements of an afternoon tea menu and some ways to put new twists on old favorites.

History of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
The ancient Japanese tea ceremony is an elegant tradition dating back hundreds of years. Discover the history of the Japanese tea ceremony, including Japanese tea ceremony procedure, Japanese tea ceremony steps, and Japanese tea ceremony equipment including the proper tea sets.

Iced Tea Preparation Methods
There is nothing better than homemade iced tea in the summer. Learn how to brew iced tea, iced green tea and all about iced tea ingredients with these iced tea tips.

Tea and Art
The art world if full of paintings portraying the graceful art of tea, even a simple tea cup has inspired elegant tea art. Guests at a tea party might admire tea wall art. And tea kettles have been adorned with artwork for centuries. Art and tea go hand in hand, and are both appreciated the world over.

Tea and Chocolate
Tea and chocolate lovers can rejoice in the health benefits of tea and chocolate in moderation. Get out your tea set and enjoy chocolate tea with chocolate chip tea cakes and other chocolate tea treats. This type of gourmet tea is a favorite of chocoholics everywhere.

Tea as a Beauty Aid
Learn tips on using tea as a beauty aid. Get advice on the health benefits of tea and green tea benefits.

Tea Cultures of the World
Learn about tea cultures, international teas, and world teas including Russian tea, Japanese tea, and Chinese tea.

Tea Powder
Matcha, or powdered tea, is a green tea powder with many health benefits. Read on to learn about the green tea powder benefits of matcha, where to buy green tea powder, and information on black tea powder.

Teaware and Accessories
These tips include information about different tea accessories and teaware, including teapots, tea kettles, and accessories such as filter bags and tea cups. You'll learn about how to choose and care for a teapot, different types of tea kettles available and more.

The Benefits of Pu-erh Tea
Tea experts agree that pu-erh tea is some of the best tea around. Aged pu-erh tea or Chinese pu-erh tea is for those who enjoy the best teas possible. In addition, the health benefits of pu-erh tea are unmatched. Also, read on to learn how to brew pu-erh tea and information on organic pu-erh tea.

The Life of a Tea Bush
Learn about the life of a tea bush, including plant growth and development for the tea bush that produces green tea and white tea.

The Many uses of Tea
From using tea bags treat razor burn, to alternate uses for black tea, there are many uses for tea. Tea is extremely versatile, and these tips will have you thinking twice before throwing away those tea bags.

The Science of Tea
Organic tea and herbal tea do more than help one relax after a long day, they help promote healthy living. Behind the health benefits of tea is hard science. Ancient cultures had recipes for detox tea to help rid the body of waste, which is just one of many tea healing properties.

Types of Green Tea
Green tea is a diverse style of tea, with many different green teas available. Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea contain many green tea benefits. Learn all about green tea, including green tea caffeine information and the history of green tea.

There’s a tea trend brewing among young, health conscious
"Tea is now well over an $8 billion category, with growth in different areas — not only in the specialty tea segment, which are the more premium teas and the flavored teas — but also in the raised drink segment, which has been quite a big driver in this category,” said Peter Goggi, tea association vice president. “Tea has benefited very much so from its healthful positioning.

Drinking tea may help prevent chronic illnesses
The latest news documents what most of us already knew regarding the health benefits of tea. Nevertheless, the research reported in USA TODAY from the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health in Washington, D.C. document the results. Read the complete article at

Tea Overtakes Coffee
A fascinating article appeared in the current issue of the Coffee & Tea Trade Journal under the headline "Global Tea Consumption Remains Robust." The headline doesn't reflect the most important feature in the article, which is, that worldwide tea consumption has overtaken coffee consumption. The article details the facts supporting this breakthrough conclusion and is well worth reading.

Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Tea skapades med syftet återuppväcka traditionen att dricka te, göra den lättillgänglig för dagens moderna människor genom att erbjuda och utveckla teprodukter, banbrytande beträffande kvalitet och innovation.

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